Jodie The Sitter

Meet Jodie, Your Pet Sitter In South Florida

Jodie is your pet sitter in South Florida

Jodie with Dorito and Kahula

Jodie Jones is the kind of pet sitter you want, and her love of all types of animals could not be more obvious! When you hire All Is Good Pet Sitting, you are actually getting a new member of the family, and your pet is gaining a new friend who will care for them the way you care for your pets.

Jodie has always been an animal lover, and she has spent years volunteering to help animals and horses, in particular. She is well known across South Florida as the animal lover teacher, and she has frequently been called upon to help capture snakes  or wild birds.

Naturally, Jodie has her own brood of loving pets, including Dorito and Kahula, her cat and 17 turtles. She even has a tortoise, too!

Jodie is fully licensed and insured in Florida. License and background information is available upon request.

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